Excel Everest

Why should you invest 15 hours in learning this?

Excel is a tool that you must be having in your computer, but are you using it to the full potential? Excel will help you,

  • Efficiently handle large amounts of data & Perform complex calculations with ease
  • Dive into data and get extremely useful analysis. Take decisions, based on data and not assumptions
  • Create standard & custom MIS reports
  • Work faster, save time! Be Awesome!

What all will you learn (completely hands-on) in these 15 hours?!

Data analysis & working with data requires 3 levels of learning & understanding:

  1. Effective Entering & Reorganizing Data
  2. Working with and perform complex Calculations on the data
  3. Analysing & visualizing data, creating reports



  • Introduction to Excel
  • Entering data correctly
  • Working with different data types
  • Working with Conditions
  • Advanced Sort & Filter
  • Fetching & Comparing Data Sets
  • Reporting
  • Analysis for reverse calculations, sensitivity, scenarios, predictions
  • Recording Macro’s

Is this course right for you?

  • If you spend even 15 minutes everyday working on some kind of data or numbers, Excel is must learn.
  • Even if you don’t use that much Excel at work (you might have large softwares that do the work for you), knowing the logics and functions will immensely help you understand how to analyze data!
  • Personal finances can be managed awesomely on Excel, once you know the advanced features and functions

Training Methodology, What you get & Support After

  • Completely interactive, Hands-on learning
  • Purely practical oriented real-life based scenarios
  • Course material for anytime revision
  • Access to newsletter, blog and youtube channel for continuous learning
  • FREE Lifetime email support for any queries related to the content covered in the training

Project based course completion

  • At the end of the training, a project will be given to work on, which will ensure you to be able to apply your learnings immediately in your daily work

Prerequisite knowledge

  • No prior Excel knowledge is needed necessarily
  • But, if you know basics of what are rows, columns & cells, how to enter data, how to format cells, how to apply borders, that would be great

What you need to get to the training

  • It’s going to be completely hands-on, must carry your laptop
      • Windows users – Excel 2010 or higher version (2016 or Office 365 version preferred)
      • Mac users – Excel for Mac 2011 (2016 or Office 365 version preferred)
        Must ensure you have Excel. Numbers (from Apple) won’t help for this workshop
  • A notepad & a pen
  • Super Excitement to learn and then apply your learnings 😉
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