Tracking Personal Finance using Excel

Personal Finance Tracking using Excel

Track your Personal Finance super effectively

8 hours


Rushabh Shah
Rushabh Shah
Founder & CEO | Trainer


Personal Finance

Why should I learn how to Track my Personal finance using Excel?

  • You can use some of the online free tools for sure, but do you really want to open up your personal finances!
  • Online tools are not very customization friendly – In Excel, you can build whatever You need.
  • Use Excel’s in-built features & formulas to create magnificent analysis and reports yourself, without any dependency on anyone or any online tool.
  • Very easy to learn and use!

What all will be covered in the training?

  • We will learn how to create 6 different models in Excel, to track your personal finance needs.
    • Fixed Deposits Tracker
    • Manage your Trip Budgeting
    • Income v/s Expense Tracking, Analysis & Bill Reminders
    • & 3 more!
  • Based on the concepts that you will learn, you will be able to modify these trackers as per your requirements. Also, you will be able to build your own trackers from scratch!

Key Take-aways?

  • You will have created the various trackers yourself, thus you can start using them immediately.
  • Learn Excel’s formulas & features to create such trackers yourself.
  • Save more money!

Who should learn?

  • Graduating Students – will help you track your income as soon as you start earning!
  • StartUp Entrepreneurs – same concepts can be applied to track your new venture’s finances.
  • Working Professionals – Save more with increasing salary.
  • Housewives – no more paperwork to track, use Excel!
  • Anyone else who wishes to track personal finance more effectively.

What is the Training Methodology?

  • Completely interactive.
  • Absolutely hands-on learning.
  • Real-life scenario’s used to build the trackers.