Business Analysis and Interactive Dashboards using Excel

Business Analysis using Excel

Take decisions based on Data, not Assumptions

16 hours


Rushabh Shah
Rushabh Shah
Founder & CEO | Trainer


Data Analytics

The Big Questions!

“I have a lot of sales data but don’t know what to make of it? How can this data be useful to me? Will analyzing this data help improve sales?” Is that you??

Microsoft Excel is the world’s most used and versatile business analysis, reporting and strategy software. Having an understanding of how to analyze data in Excel for useful business analysis will completely turn your decision making process!

This 2-days Training Program will cover areas which do not require any kind of programming, and still you will be able to yourself build reports and analyze your business data like a pro!

Take decisions based on data, not assumptions!


Key Takeaways?

  • A step-by-step logical approach towards analyzing data in Excel.
  • Not just how to, but also understand in-depth with various real-life scenarios how to apply different features & functions in Excel to analyze the data effectively and efficiently.
  • Design interactive dashboards from scratch, without any programming required.

What is the Training Methodology?

  • 2-days hands-on training. Completely interactive.
  • Real-life scenarios. Tons of exercises.
  • Free Lifetime Support over email and telephone, for the content covered in the session.

Detailed Course Content

  • Data structuring & consistency.
  • Functions for analysis.
  • Conditional formatting in-depth – Data bars, icon sets, using formulas.
  • Sort & Filter in-depth, Advanced filter.
  • What-if-Analysis in-depth – various real-life scenarios for taking better & faster decisions.
  • Excel Charts in-depth
    • Various Chart types in Excel
    • Which chart type is to be used for what kind of data
  • Pivot Tables, Pivot Charts – various real-life scenarios to Slice & Dice your data to get unbelievable analysis.
  • Sparklines.
  • Create Interactive Dashboards without any programming.
  • Reducing Excel file size.