Corporate Training

Getting started with DLTC!

Customized Training Content!

Training in your own premise for your teams, at any location.

Every company has different ways of processing data & information. We first understand what you exactly need and thereby structure the training content.
This will ensure, that every participant is able to immediately apply what they have learnt.

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Our Strengths is Training!

- Excel Advanced

- Data Analytics using Excel

- VBA Macros programming in Excel

- Power BI - Dashboards & Charts

- PowerPoint Advanced

- Word Advanced

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Everyone can Learn, from anywhere!

Even if you have multiple offices across the country or even across the globe, we can train your teams.

Self paced learning - Every participant will get individual logins to access the course content and you can track each one’s progress as well. Best thing about this is, participants can revise smallest of the topics as and when needed.

Online Live learning sessions - All participants will come online at a pre-defined schedule and learn together, with live instructor-led training. Also, all sessions are recorded for anyone who might have missed a session and/or wants to revise.

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Support post Training!

Rest assured, we will not leave you once the training is complete! Infact, it’s the beginning of a lifetime growth together.

Post training, we provide Lifetime email, telephonic & remote support for all participants.

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Corporate Presentation
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Return on Investments!

# STEP 1:
20 of your employees receive training.

# STEP 2:
2 hours savings per employee per week (at the minimum)

# STEP 3:
40 hours savings per week

# STEP 4:
Average working hours per day = 8 hours

# STEP 5:
8 hours x 5 days a week = 40 working hours

# STEP 6:
Savings of 40 hours per week = 40 working hours of 1 Employee!

Hear directly from our Clients!

Oranjuice Team
FountainHead Entertainment
Sonakshi Nachavankar, Assistant Manager
Videc Consultancy
Yash Shah, Owner
Apollo Heat Exchangers
Factory Head
TCPL Packaging Ltd, Haridwar

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“Apply what you Learn” is the principle we follow when designing all our courses. Once you learn with us, you should be able to apply your learning immediately in real-life.
A Drop of Excel must be in you! It will teach you to “take informed decisions based on data, not assumptions and gut feeling”.