At DLTC.co, we all come to work every day because we want A Drop of Excel to reach to everyone! Data is Everywhere. We are using Excel on a daily basis – at work, at home, to manage our personal expenses & investments, to carry out a lot of data crunching and analysis, and much more. But how many of us really use Excel as beyond just a data entry software and some basic calculations?

>Why did we start this 1

Why did we start this

We want to share our experience on working with data and spreadsheets, in terms of training and workshops with all of you. ``Apply what you Learn`` is the fundamental principle of all our training programs.

Whether you’re a fresher, business owner, freelancer, salaried professional, homemaker, A Drop of Excel must be in you! It will teach you how to enter & maintain data correctly, read & analyze your data, and “take informed decisions based on data, not assumptions and gut feeling”.

>How and when it all started 02

How and when it all started

It started when Founder, Rushabh Shah, got a call from a friend and was asked “Hey, you use Excel a lot right? Can you teach my 5 friends and me over the weekend?“.

Yes, that’s how it started! After teaching 6, then 8 more, then 180 working professionals, it struck him, “Almost everyone has Excel on their computer, but a very very few people actually use it to its fullest potential!”

He started building a real-life based scenarios training model and started training in companies, mainly SME's.
From there, he went on to train management students across institutes in Mumbai and more and more SME's and Large Corporates as well.

Started ExcelRush YouTube channel too to share his knowledge.

>The way we design our courses 03

The way we design our courses

``Perfection`` is an evolutionary process. We strive to keep improving all our courses on a daily basis to make them more and more relevant to current times with real-life based scenarios.

“Apply what you Learn” is the principle we follow when designing all our courses. Once you learn with us, you should be able to apply your learnings immediately in real-life.

We follow a principle of 5x. We spend a minimum of 5 hours of research and discussions to create 1 hour of training content. This makes sure we come up with quality content every time.

Core Team

Carolyn Fernandes
Marketer, Planner
Rushabh Shah
Founder, CEO, Trainer
Jeet Shah
Trainer, Research Junkie

Work With Us

If you are someone who does not want to settle for a less challenging & easy job, apply by sending your resume to Learn@DLTC.co.
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